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AHOF Museum Tour

An interesting situation. Patrons would enter the Museum, pay their admission and walk around at their leisure then leave -- missing out on many displays. Our solution was to create a Museum Guide given at the time of admission. At least patrons would have a general idea of the Museums scope Thousands were distributed. [Guide in pdf]  Note QR code to access AHOF website and download the self guided tour.

The next evolution was to create a self guided tour that could be used on a cell phone or iPad.  The Guide was also published on the AHOF web site as a sampler -- "now come in and see the real thing!" [Self Guided Tour pdf]

The next evolution of the self guided tour project was to start putting QR codes
on popular displays to access more in-depth information and to add video.  Examples the Hindenburg disaster, Wright Brothers first flight, First step on the moon, etc.

Regional Veterans Day Service

For nine years, we produced a robust "Salute to Veterans" service at Teterboro Airport. Featured several Honor Guards, drum line, chorale rifle salute, etc. and was attended by several state and local officials.  Program [pdf] and The Gazette Newspaper coverage [pdf]

Print and web-site combination

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2004 Hasbrouck Heights Hometown Shopping & Business Guide [pdf]
18" deep x 24" wide; folds to 4" wide x 9" deep

Annual Hometown Shopping & Business Guide 20,000 were produced with 15,000 inserted into The Gazette Newspaper, and the balance distributed free throughout the area. The Guide was printed every other year. [2007 Business Guide]

It was a package deal with business guide advertisers featured
on the both the web site and Business Guide no additional cost.

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Our un-Official community site presents "a slice of community life" with interesting tableaus reflecting our hometown.  This very successful web-site contains hundreds of pages of community news, information and features.   Established in 1998.

A companion web-site teterboro-online.com
We offer a rich editorial line-up to include regional news, information & features -- such as Teterboro Airport, Bergen County Animal Shelter, Xanadu (American Dream), Meadowlands, Secaucus Junction,  George Washington Bridge, Paterson Great Falls, area parks, etc.  This southern Bergen County demographic includes 500,000 consumers and thousands of businesses. 

Public Relations Showcase

We provided several on going PR projects and promotions for Bill O'Shea's Florist to include Open House, Photo with Santa, etc. Below are two interesting campaigns that we created and developed.

Red Ribbons Feed Hungry
Since 1998, hundreds of bright red ribbons lined have decorated The Boulevard from November to February, with proceeds feeding the hungry in our region through The Center for Food Action. For details about this program go to: buy-a-ribbon.com

Good Neighbor Day
Since 1995, over 1,000 dozen roses were given away each year on the first Wednesday in September. Since 2002, the request for food donations netted the Center for Food Action over 300 bags of groceries each year plus hundreds of dollars in cash donations. Here are some Good Neighbor Day stories & published photos:  2004 [1][2]
2003  [1][2][3]     2002 [1][2][3]    [2001]    [2000]    [1999]

Hasbrouck Heights 4th of July Fireworks
From 1984 to 1999, we were instrumental in producing the Annual Hasbrouck Heights 4th of July Fireworks and Big Band Concert.
We handled everything from permits, procuring talent, fireworks, refreshments, set-up and clean-up, etc.  We got the sponsors and promoted them in the newspaper and hand-out program. We coordinated municipal resources, handled publicity and a million other details.

1999 event photos [1999] [Photos] [Photos 2]
2003 event update [Story + Fireworks + Movies]
         [Setting up the display] [Detonation Zone]
2004 [Program] [Display]      2005  [Event] [Program] [Display]

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