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"Feed the Hungry"

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$10 Ribbon.

You will get a Beautiful Red Ribbon on "The Boulevard" with your name on it! Your $10 contribution will be used by the Center For Food Action to purchase food. The Center For Food Action is a non-profit food center that has served our area's needy since 1976

$50 Ribbon

You will provide a special breakfast and a traditional dinner this Christmas or Hanukkah for a family in our neighborhood. Special ribbon embellishments will denote your generosity

$100 Ribbon

Coporations contributions of $100 or more will receive a unique red and gold ribbon bouquet.

More than $100, Please Specify Amount

Ribbon Placement

Boulevard in Hasbrouck Heights
Valley Boulevard in Wood-Ridge

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Food Drive  --  Good Neighbor Day
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2000 [Story]  [Photos 1][Photos 2][Photos 3]
1999 [Story] [Photos 1][Photos 2][Photos 3]

Buy-a-Ribbon  --  Feed the Hungry
2001[Story][pdf form]
2000 [Story][Regional acclaim][pdf form][CFA gets $3400]
1999 [Story][pdf form]

[Link to Bill O'Shea's Florist] [Link to Center for Food Action]

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